Unit One: The Basics, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars


Do Now:

Before we get into the topics of the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq war, take a moment to consider the following question:

Gulf of Tonkin Incident.jpg

What are some possible reasons that nations or groups of people might go to war with one another?

For potential answers to this question, click the following link:File:Unit 1-Do Now Answer Key.pdf

After considering some of these potential reasons for going to war…Which do you think are the best?...Which do you think are the worst?...explain

Activity - Learning the Basics

Now that we have discussed potential reasons that nations might go to war with each other. Let's take a look at the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars.

Instructions: You will receive a chart to organize information for this lesson. The word bank contains key vocabulary that you will need to understand these topics, make sure to use all or most of them when completing the chart. Click the following link to access this chart:File:Unit 1-Note taking chart.pdf

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs -Gulf of Tonkin- resolution - NARA - 192484.tif.jpg

The following resources will be provided to help you complete your note taking chart and to educate you on the causes of the conflicts.

There will be three separate sections: Videos, Secondary Sources, and Primary Sources. Use at least 2 of the sources from each of the sections that cover all three conflicts:

1. Videos: Click the links to access these videos on YouTube.

Introduction to Vietnam: https://youtu.be/pvqFJCHoxFM

Introduction to Iraq: https://youtu.be/3Skf48wCkiA

Crash Course – War on Terror (covers both Afghan/Iraq): https://youtu.be/sg0piiex-ws

September 11th and the War on Terror: https://youtu.be/XKs76DJo1bc


2. Secondary Sources: Some of these readings are differentiated based on difficulty/length. Readings for lower functioning students will have key areas of the text highlighted.

Vietnam Secondary Sources:File:Unit 1 - Vietnam Secondary Source Readings.pdf

Afghanistan Secondary Sources:File:Unit 1 - Causes of Afghanistan Secondary Source Readings.pdf

Iraq Secondary Sources:File:Unit 1 - Causes of Iraq War Secondary Source Readings.pdf

3. Primary Sources: Each of these sources is organized by difficultly level. Regardless of difficulty, it is suggested that students examine videos and secondary sources before moving on to the primary sources.

In these files there will also be guiding question to help analysis of these sources. Answer them on a separate sheet of paper.

Easy: File:Unit 1- Afghan PS-President Bush-September 20th 2001 Speech.pdf

Medium: File:Unit 1 - Iraq PS - President Bush Speech - March 17th 2003.pdf

Hard: File:Unit 1 - Vietnam Primary Source DBQ's.pdf



Answer the following questions on the back of your note taking chart, where you will see the same questions listed

1. Out of the reasons for going to war discussed in the Do Now, which ones got brought up during the lesson about Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?

2. What similarities and differences do you see between these three U.S. conflicts?

3. Do you agree with these decisions to go to war made by the United States? Rank which wars had the best and worst reasons for conflict and explain why?

Formative Assessment - Quiz

Instructions: Take the following quiz to assess your understanding of Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. You must achieve and 85%(15 out of 17)or higher to move onto the next Unit.

Click the following link to access the assessment quiz:File:Unit 1 - Basics of Vietnam, Afghan, Iraq, Assessment Quiz.pdf


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