Unit One: Intro to Excel

Before you can do anything you have to know what Excel 2007 looks like. You also need to make sure that you understand all the different parts of Excel and why and how to use them. In this unit you are going to watch several videos that will introduce you to these different things. You might want to open up Excel and and try things as you watch the videos.

Lesson 1: What does Excel 2007 Look Like?

Left Please watch the following videos to help you get familiar with Excel 2007

Other Important Terms to Know


  • Labels are text entries. These are used to identify what we are talking about.
  • Constants/Values are fixed number values that we enter into a spreadsheet. They can be different types of numbers including dollars, percentages, or referring to a number of items.
  • Formulas or Functions are equations that used to calculate different things. The new Microsoft Excel 2007 makes using formulas much easier! A key thing to remember is that all formulas MUST start with an = sign.

Lesson 2: Formulas

Watch the following video Basic Formulas

This is what the formula toolbar looks like in Excel 2007: Formulabar.jpg

The best way to get familiar with different formulas is to look at them in Excel.

  • Please open up Excel
  • Click on the formula tab.
  • Please look through the Math & Trig formulas.
  • Also look through More Functions>Statistical formulas.

Here is a helpful website that gives you access to cheatsheets for all the different formulas you can use. Excel Cheatsheets


Let's make sure we really understand all the basics about the spreadsheet and formulas.

Please complete the following quiz: Right click on the link and Open in a New Tab. Intro Quiz

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