Unit III-Implementation Process


Unit III-Implementation Process


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to implement the components of a WebQuest in the classroom

Case Study: Job Portfolio WebQuest

This WebQuest was designed to use in two workforce development programs in a community college. These students are career changers and some are returning to school after many years in other occupations. They were having difficulty identifying transferable skills, looking for employment in their new occupations, and creating resume's that highlighted their new education and skills. A job portfolio project was created to include with these short-term programs. The use of a WebQuest will give students more resources to use that are available on the Web and give them tools to identify their skills, look for employment, create a resume and a cover letter to apply for jobs after completion of the programs.


The first page is the index which introduces the WebQuest and the components of Introduction, Task, Process, Conclusion, and Evaluation. [1]


This is where the students begin. The introduction introduces the what and the why of the WebQuest. If done in a classroom, the instructor can add to the introduction. If done individually by the students, this page should give enough detail to introduce the subject area. [2]


In this section, the task or various tasks of the WebQuest are described. The student will understand what has to be accomplished during the process of completing the WebQuest. [3]


In the process section, the web resources are given to complete the given task or tasks. These resources can be designed to be used with instructors guidance or supplemental material, can be designed for use in collaborative group projects, or used by the individual in the classroom or online. [4]

  • In an online only environment, it would be beneficial to add tutorials such as this one for using letter wizard to create a thank you letter: [5]


This ends the WebQuest and informs the learner what has been accomplished in their quest. It also informs them of what the end product is. [6]


This informs the learners how the end products will be evaluated. In this WebQuest, the evaluation is a rubric for each of the three tasks and states the requirements needed to obtain specific grading levels. [7]


  • How are the five sections implemented in a classroom?
  • How could the process section be changed to incorporate collaborative learning or online learners?
  • How can this be used for your content?

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