Unit II. Create lessons that will engage your students using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.


1. Click on the [link] to view my MAGNET Power Point in Authorstream. I would like to you to duplicate this lesson on magnetism by following the steps for each presentation slide (I was unable to upload a ppt file to this wiki so I uploaded the MAGNET PowerPoint to a third-party website called Authorstream):


Add clipart to all slides and animate by using effects and motion paths to show how magnets attract and detract. Add transitions between each slide.

  • Slide 1. Title – The Power of Magnets – (Author) Add “The Magnet Song” found on youtube.com and then copy and paste the URL to convert to mp3 YouTubemp3 and play continuously throughout slideshow up until video slide.
  • Slide 2: Title – What will make a magnet move? Make a chart of different objects, some that are magnetic and some that are not. Pencil, paper clips, coin, marble, scissor, nuts and bolts, paper money, toilet paper.
  • Slide 3: Title – Same as slide 2. Same chart with checkmarks in the columns of yes or no.
  • Slide 4: Paper clips attract …. Because they are made of iron.
  • Slide 5: Scissors attract . . . Because they are made of iron.
  • Slide 6: Nuts and bolts attract …. Because they are made of iron.
  • Slide 7: Pencils do not attract …. Because they are made of wood.
  • Slide 8: Money does not attract …. Because they are made of paper.
  • Slide 9: Toilet paper does not attract …. Because they are made of paper.
  • Slide 10: Title – Describe what objects will attract to a magnet and which objects will not attract
  • Slide 11: Age appropriate video (I downloaded this one from United Streaming. If you don't have a United Streaming account, find another video which is age appropriate).
  • Slide 12: The End

2. Duplicate this simple PowerPoint Math lesson teaching young students about basic addition using numbers from one to ten. Make this lesson as creative and engaging as you can using everything that you've learned so far.


3. Create a Power Point presentation using all the features learned in previous lessons. How will the concepts be introduced and what information will be presented to the students? Include an outline of information and links to resourses that you used to create a lesson plan for your Power Point Presentation.

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