Unit 5: Final Unit - Self Reflection and Conclusion

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  • The participant will demonstrate through a K-W-L learning journal the following:
    • How their understanding of pragmatics instruction evolved
    • Activities and techniques they’ve learnt about and developed that they will use in future courses.
    • Information they would like to learn in the future.

Mini-Lecture: Course Conclusion

As teachers, we are global citizens; that is to say that we as language teachers are exposed to students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It is our job to help students make connections between their native and target languages and effectively communicate in both academic and social situations.

By this point in the course, you have grown as a global citizen. You now:

  • Understand the intricacies of pragmatic instruction, including:
    • Knowledge on what they are and their benefits
  • Are able to develop pragmatic instruction activities that motivate, engage, and develop socialization skills within your students.
  • Can encourage bidirectional transfer and scaffold ELLs' pragmatic competence by relating the new language to their native language.
  • Have access to resources for further education on pragmatic instruction in the future, and have begun to compile your own list.

All of those skills are key to becoming a better language educator who is able to effectively teach the unique and difficult area of pragmatics.

Self reflection image.jpg

Take the time to self-reflect with the following questions, and remember to answer them in your learning journal:

  1. How has your understanding of pragmatics instruction evolved?
  2. What are some activities and techniques you’ve learnt about and developed that you will use in the future?
  3. Do you have any additional questions or information you would like to learn in the future?



  1. Finish your activity journal and submit it here.
  2. Optional: Post your journal response in the Unit 5 discussion board.

References and Resources

Additional Resources

  1. Click here to view a list of resources that discuss the benefits of explicit, implicit, and combined instruction.

Congratulations! You've finished the course!

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