Unit 4: Universal Design for Learning

In This Unit

After establishing a positive relationship and classroom procedures with your co-teacher, it is time to alter your instruction to meet the needs of your students. This is traditionally done by implementing the Universal Design for Learning. Use this unit to study its core ideas and tenants closely-- you will need to utilize them in your own lesson plans in the future.

Activity 1

This is a unit overview. Please read this overview by August 10th, 2019. UDL (Universal Design for Learning) was created to provide more opportunities for students to access, build understanding, and present their knowledge. This is based off of three core tenants:

  • Multiple Means of Representation
  • Multiple Means of Expression
  • Multiple Means of Engagement

During this unit, you will learn what these three principles look like in practice. During your next unit, you will try and implement them in your own practices. As you complete this week's readings and activities, continue to jot down when you notice accommodations and modifications that fall underneath these tenants.

Activity 2

Please complete these readings/watch videos by August 17th, 2019.

Accommodations and Modifications

UDL Overview

UDL- More information and case studies

Activity 3

Please complete the following activities by August 21st, 2019.

  • Identify 3 word examples of modifications for people with disabilities
  • Describe the difference between modifications and accommodations with 4 supporting examples.

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Unit 5: Modifying Lessons for Students with Disabilities