Unit 4: Reflections and Application of Concepts


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Unit 4: Reflections and Application of Concepts


After 3 units, you should finally have a grasp on how to include world-building elements and creative writing into your curriculum, or how to write creative writing lesson plans yourself. It is recommended that you peruse the resources found on the main page of the course if you need further clarification or inspiration. At the end of this course, please consider submitting a short anonymous survey located on the main page.

Final Project


The final project for this course is to use the draft lesson plan outline you filled out in Unit 3 to make a cohesive lesson plan. For an S/U grade, submit this lesson plan to this active forum (as of 5/2019) where all participants will share our lesson plans for editing by peers that have not taken the course. Please post your lesson in the appropriate age range, and ask politely for critique! It is very important to get the feedback of peers, who often will notice flaws or inconsistencies that we overlook after studying a concept for so long. To receive the S/U grade and a professional-looking participation certificate from the course instructor, email the link to your post to jwilson6@albany.edu

I hope you have enjoyed this course and have left it with more confidence about including creative writing in your curriculum.

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