Unit 4: Evaluating and Revising Assessment

Evaluating and Revising Assessment

Unit Objectives:

1. Choose a current lesson and student assessment, and revise it to become an authentic assessment opportunity for students by using the four-step process.

2. Reflect upon experience creating authentic assessment and how it can be used in the classroom in the future.


Now that you have learned all about the basics of authentic assessment, it is your turn to create your own authentic learning opportunity for the classroom. Use what you have learned and either revise an assignment you currently use for your students, or create an entirely new assessment opportunity for your students. Either way, your students will be benefiting from you creating an assignment that is directly related to a real-life experience.

Note: This assignment also serves as an authentic assessment for you as a teacher since it is a real-world experience that you will be able to use in the future.

Please keep the following things in mind while creating your own assessment:

Marble.jpg Choose an assessment opportunity that is meaningful to students and that they can apply to the real-world or that they may encounter in the real world.

Marble.jpg Use the 4-step process to creating Authentic Assessment created by Jon Mueller:

  • Develop objectives/standards
  • Choose a task that is authentic
  • Develop criteria - how will you know the student has developed an understanding?
  • Develop a rubric to portray how you will know that students have understood the material.

Marble.jpg As you create this, consider your students and the world that they live in. What kind of assignment would best meet their needs? Make sure you are focusing on the needs and learning styles of your specific students.


For this reflection, you will be asked to create a new wiki page and reflect on the questions below regarding the course and what you got out of it. This way, I can take your thoughts and ideas to improve upon this mini-course. I am interested in knowing what worked for you, what didn't, and what you truly got out of the course. Here is the page I would like you to make a link to your reflection on:

Final Reflection

The following is the final reflection assignment:

Now that you have almost completed this course, and you were able to take what you learned and turn it into an authentic assessment opportunity for your students, reflect upon the following questions:

  • What did you like most about this course?
  • What would you change about this course to make it more effective?
  • Do you feel you will be able to take away what you learned and use authentic assessment in your classroom?
  • Reflect upon the final assignment - how easy/difficult was it for you to create an authentic assessment opportunity? How was your experience creating a rubric for your authentic assessment?

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