Unit 4: Design and implement a lesson containing virtual hands-on learning


Description of Assessment

For your final project for this mini-course, you will be creating a lesson that utilizes the virtual lab or simulation that you explored in Unit 3. This lesson will be implemented into your given curriculum and can be used for remote learners or students that are in-person with one-to-one devices. There is a given lesson plan template for you to follow to ensure you have all of the required information in your plan.

After the creation of your lesson plan you will reflect on how the lesson went, the virtual lab experience overall, and how it promoted hands-on learning benefits through a computer. Good luck!

Lesson Plan Template

Below is the Lesson Plan template that you must use to draft your lesson plan. This template includes the important information that should be considered when planning your lesson. Be sure to include a lot of details about your virtual resource and include the standards from your curriculum that you are choosing to connect it to. The template is in the form of a shared Google Doc that you have access to. When you open the link you will have to sign in to your Google account, select "file", and select "make a copy" to make your own version of the document and to get edit access.

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Reflection

At this point you should have created a lesson plan utilizing a virtual lab or simulation resource, taught the lesson and had your students experience the resource, and begun to think about the effectiveness overall. Below you will complete your final reflection of the mini-course. This reflection is the most important of all because it will prove the relevance and effectiveness of virtual labs and how they can promote the same or similar benefits of hands-on learning. Please complete the final reflection Google Form to the best of your ability. The last question on the form is about the mini-course overall. Any suggestions you have will help me fine-tune and edit the course to better assist and help other educators in the future. Thank you!

Final Reflection



Maximo, A.G. (2014). [Slide with clocks and paper] [Image]. SlideShare. https://www.slideshare.net/avigailgabaleomaximo/developing-lesson-plan-educ-5

Course Map

Unit 1: What is hands-on learning and what are the benefits of this type of instruction?

Unit 2: How can hands-on learning be done virtually?

Unit 3: Connecting virtual labs and resources to my curriculum

Unit 4: Design and implement a lesson containing virtual hands-on learning

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