Unit 4: Culminating Toolbox


Hello Learners and Welcome to Unit 4!

Look below for this unit's overview, learning objectives, activities, and assessments. Have fun and do not hesitate to contact me for help!


Congratulations on making it to the final unit! In this unit, you will be given the time to complete the remainder of your culminating Teacher Toolbox. In addition to completing your final assignment, you will be completing a course evaluation, a course reflection, and a course statement. Thank you for being amazing participants and always putting your best foot forward! I look forward to reviewing all of your Teacher Toolboxes!

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit:

  • Participants will be able to create a Google Slides Presentation that highlights technology tools that can be implemented in the classroom.
  • Participants will construct and implement a lesson using a technology tool included in their Teacher Toolbox.
  • Participants will analyze their learning of technology implementation and technology tools to complete the Course Reflection.

Lesson 1: Teacher Toolbox of Tools

Now that you have learned about the implementation of technology and explored various technology tools. You will now complete the Final Slide of your Teacher Toolbox. Please review the Teacher Toolbox Guidelines Presentation to ensure you have everything necessary in your project. Your final project slides should include:

  • Title Slide: Name, Title, Course Name, and Professor Name
  • Do not use the guideline slide template for your project.
  • All slides must have at least 2 graphics.
  • All questions must be answered on your slides.
  • Presentation must be visually appealing and well-organized.
  • All slides must include links for you to access at any time.

Please link your final Teacher Toolbox Project below! Please be sure to keep this for future use and as a reference to all of the great tools you learned about in this course!

Teacher Toolbox Submission

Lesson 2: Lesson Implementation

Now that you have completed your Teacher Toolbox and have a variety of tools available to use. It is time to put those tools into action! Please create a lesson using one of the tools in your Teacher Toolbox to implement in your classroom. Use your knowledge of your students to pick a tool that best fits their learning styles. Please complete your lesson plan by making a copy of the template then submit the Google Docs link below. Click here to open a Lesson Plan Template.

Technology Lesson Plan


Do: Complete this Course Reflection and Course Evaluation below.

Course Reflection

Submit your course reflection here.

Course Evaluation

Congratulations on completing this course! I hope you now feel better equipped to integrate technology in your classroom! Stay happy and stay learning!