Unit 4: Creating a Choice Board within their Discipline

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Learners will create their own choice boards based upon their knowledge of their own discipline as well as the information from this mini course.


Mrs. Smith is going to try choice boards to reach all her students. She knows she needs to keep the end in mind ( the main objective of the choice boards) as well as the standards. What else will she need to complete a choice board?

Creating a Choice Board

We have learned about differentiating instruction and how choice boards provide students with the choice in how they will learn/practice information in the classroom. In this Unit we will be creating our own choice board. When creating a choice board, it is important to have an end in mind. A great question to ask yourself is "What standards do you want to touch upon within your Choice board?"

Read this passage to identify the steps in creating a choice board.



You are now ready to create your own choice board! In this section, you will use everything you have learned in this Mini course to create your own choice boards with in your discipline. Refer back to the steps in this section when creating your choice board. When your choice board is complete, post it in the Create talk page for this section.

Keep in mind:

1) The objective(s) in which you want to create your choice board.

2) Activities that appeal to many learning styles.

3) Activities that can be independent and individual.

4) Align objectives to standards.

Here are templates to create a choice board

File:Choice boards - Hard 2.pptx

File:Choice Board Template-Easy2.pptx

Unit Wrap up

We have now looked at Differentiation Instruction in the way of Choice boards, providing students with choices on different topics using many different skills. Choice boards provide students with a choice on how they learn. This provide teachers a way to

a few things to remember: -think with the end in mind ( objectives) -Provide many different choices for many different skills -provide feedback to students throughout the choice boards

Here is an example of my Choice Board I am using in my classroom. ( The hands together symbol means that students are to work together to complete task.)

Choice Board Theresa 2.jpg

Self Reflection

a)Reflect: Look back at your thoughts from the beginning understanding of differentiation. How has your idea of Differentiation change or stay the same?

b) Discuss: What else should Mrs. Smith keep in mind when creating her choice boards?

c) Post:your own choice boards here.

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