Unit 3 - Locating High Quality Primary Source Documents

Bibb Mill No. 1 Many youngsters here. Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins. Location: Macon, Georgia. Photograph and annotation courtesy of The Library of Congress.

Lesson 1 – Demonstration of Resources

Watch: Lesson 1 Screencast

Watch: Library of Congress Module "Finding Primary Sources at the Library of Congress"

Review: Primary Source repository from Scotia-Glenville Central District

Materials: Guided Practice Worksheet and the Library of Congress’ “Locating Primary Sources guide”

Activity: As you familiarize yourself with the Library of Congress' resources, and other primary source repositories, use the Guided Practice Worksheet to independently keep track of possible sites to use for future lessons in addition to sources that you might like to use for the lesson you will create to use with students.

Lesson 2 - Selection of Resources and Project Planning

Activity: Use the Guided Practice Worksheet as you look through the Library of Congress’ primary source materials, and the primary source links on the Scotia-Glenville Schools website. Identify resources that you would like to specifically use with your student photograph/print primary source document analysis, noting its URL and document title.

Reflection: In the discussion area (tab at the top of the page), declare the topic for your student photograph/print primary source document analysis. Also identify primary source resources that you’ve found for the lesson, and where you found them. Share your thoughts with your colleagues: take a look at at least two other responses, and provide some feedback and/or resources that you've discovered that could help with their proposed primary source documents lesson.

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