Unit 3: What is the standard use of force policy?



The Police Officer / Police Recruit will be able to state, from memory, the standard use of force policy


Every individual law enforcement agency in the nature has a use of force policy to guide its officers in the expectations of their employer as to how and when they should utilize force against other persons. While there is some deviation in the verbiage, most every policy has the same substantive basis and meaning. This use of force policy will not only guide officers on the use of force, but will also serve as the standard which officers will be held to in determining whether the implemented force was acceptable within their use of force policy.

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1. Watch:| Use of Force / Police Instructor

2. Read: Here you will find a link to some important information on use of force policies.

3. Answer: Now it's time to put what you've learned about the basics of use of force policies. Please contact the training officer at your department and recite for them, from memory, your agencies Use of Force Policy. This must be accomplished verbatim, as knowing and understanding this policy may cost or save human lives some day.


Remember: This symbol is here to remind you to jot down notes!

Once you are finished receiving feedback from your training officer, you may move on to Unit 4: Which level of force is appropriate given various levels of resistance?


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