Unit 3: Using PlayPosit to Analyze Texts, Images, and Video


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In this unit, you will learn about PlayPosit, an interactive platform that can blend language literacy with 21st Century media. The first lesson will provide a brief tour of the site to familiarize yourself with the layout and how video bulbs work. The second lesson will have you complete a video bulb as if you were one of your own students and discuss the different ways in which PlayPosit can be used in a foreign language classroom.

Quick reminder on hyperlinks: If you prefer to multitask and have several tabs open at the same time, please be sure to right click on links (you can select "Open in a New Tab" or "Open in a New Window") so that you do not have to use the Back button between external pages and the lesson you're working on.


Participants will be able to:

  • Engage students in literacy comprehension in all four areas of language acquisition online with the PlayPosit platform

Questions to consider

Before the lesson

Similar to creating an account for ReadLang in the last unit, you will need to make a free account in order to make and go through the video bulbs. If you click here, you will be redirected to the sign up page. You have the option of connecting your account to Edmodo, Clever, Office 365, or Google+. PlayPosit is set up to be used by teachers and students alike, which is why you will see the "I am an INSTRUCTOR" and "I am a STUDENT" options in the sign up section.

When you have created your account, please keep PlayPosit up in a separate tab or window to reference it when progressing through this unit. When you are ready, you may proceed to Lesson 3.1: Introduction to PlayPosit

After the lesson