Unit 3: Technology


What happens at this station?

The "Technology" station explores different uses of technology in a blended learning lesson. This station involves students using a laptop or cell phone to watch a video, make their own video, play a review game, or perform extra practice problems on a website like Delta Math. Many of the resources provided below allow teachers to create their own questions or choose from sets that other teachers or the websites have already made. Some of the websites also collect data on student progress, accuracy, and completion.


  • Learners will be able to create or select an activity that could be used for the "Technology" station.


Edpuzzle pic.png

EdPuzzle is a resource that is great for finding videos for students to watch or for students to create their own videos. Teachers can also create their own videos with EdPuzzle or they can find one that they like from the Discover page. There are settings to deny students from skipping through the video. EdPuzzle also collects data for each student: how long they watched the video, how well they did on the embedded questions, and when they last clicked on the video. Learn more about EdPuzzle by clicking the link below: a presentation I made highlighting some key features of this helpful resource.

File:Edpuzzle presentation pdf.pdf


Students LOVE playing review games - especially the games that involve competition against their peers! A few examples of websites that are great for review games (and are fan favorites of my students) include Kahoot, Quizziz, and Blooket. Each of these resources allow teachers to create their own set of questions or search among pre-made sets of questions for their students to play. There are different game modes to explore and also several other websites that are great for review games (see link in Additional Resources below). Many of these websites require you to create a free account, some have account options specifically for teachers, and most are free and easy to use.

Websites for Math Skills

  • Delta Math is an extremely helpful tool for drilling essential skills across several levels of math. Pre-made questions are sorted into categories of content and grade levels, making it easy for teachers to create assignments for their classes. This provides students with unlimited practice and instant feedback, and also collects data for teachers to see how their students are doing. Similar to EdPuzzle, teachers can view the completion and accuracy for each student's practice problems. Delta Math
  • Desmos classroom has some pre-made activity sets that would be perfect for students to work on at the "Technology" station in a blended learning lesson. Here is an example of an activity that is fun to play around with, even if you are not a teacher or student of math: Desmos classroom - Marbleslide Activity

Activity: Quizziz Check for Understanding

Ready for a quick quiz? Click the link below to check your understanding of the MATH model in blended learning lessons.

Quizziz Check for Understanding

Or go to joinmyquiz.com and enter the code 0890 4139.

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