Unit 3: Reflecting Upon Vocabulary Instruction in the Pre-K Classroom

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Learning Objectives

Pin.gif At the end of unit three, participants will identify learning patterns by analyzing the pre and post assessment data. Participants will demonstrate their understanding and reflect upon their teaching as well as the process of their instruction.


Bwestreadit.png Read this article for background information on the importance of reflecting upon your teaching.

Bwestevaluate.png Record key ideas here on page 5.

Learning Activities

Now is the time to reassess your students and analyze the progress! Go back to your document where you have recorded their pre-assessment answers, and record their post-assessment responses. Find a quiet area where you can assess your students. After recording all answers, find time to organize your data and reflect upon the learning experiences.

Post Progress Here regarding your pre and post assessments. What does your data tell you?


Arrowbullet.pngReview your final document and answer the following reflection questions in the discussion area:

What are 3 things you have learned from participating within this course?

What are 2 things that you are wondering and what can you do about it?

What is 1 piece of advice you can give to someone else completing this course?

You did it award end of vocabulary unit.jpg

Congratulations on completing your vocabulary instruction within your classroom for Pre-K students. You have learned how to organize content and explore and plan ideas...all while engaging your students in interactive vocabulary instruction! I hope this course has helped you gain a new perspective on how to assess your students and reflect upon your teaching.


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