Unit 3: Procedures for a Successful Morning Meeting


Unit 3: Procedures for a Successful Morning Meeting


The purpose of this unit is to provide you with tools that will help you plan and execute a morning meeting within your own classroom.


3.1- Teaching the Routine

3.2- Morning Meeting as Meditation

Unit Objectives:

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

  1. Use the tools provided to create a morning meeting plan for the week

Lesson 3.1: Teaching the Routine

Just like any classroom routine, the steps for each piece of the morning meeting process must be explicitly taught, modeled and reviewed. This is a great practice to initiate early on in the school year to foster a sense of classroom community and to show students they are valued members of the whole.

In addition to teaching the four steps of the morning meeting. Behavior expectations must be established, such as:

  • Track the speaker.
  • Move slowly and carefully.
  • Use respectful language when sharing and especially when responding.
  • Use the appropriate voice volume for each step of the process.

It may be helpful to display anchor charts or slides with reminders of the four steps as well as the behavior expectations as students are becoming familiar with the routine.

Example Morning Meeting Slides

Example Morning Meeting Scheudule

Lesson 3.2: Morning Meeting as Mediation

After a class has become used to practicing the routines of morning meeting, it can be used to reflect on a problem the class has been having or to mediate a conflict between two students. Below is an article detailing this process:



Using the template, create and post your own weekly morning meeting plan in the discussion area. You can reference the materials used in the previous units to help you.



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