Unit 3: Multimedia Tools and Techniques


Unit 3: Multimedia Tools and Techniques

TribulletOrng.pngLearning Objectives

Upon completion of this unit learners will:

  • demonstrate the capability of incorporating multimedia into online courses.


In units one and two we explored ideas surrounding using multimedia in our online courses. In this unit you will learn some specific techniques for incorporating multimedia into your courses in ANGEL.

Finding, Optimizing and Placing Images in ANGEL

Finding images at ARTstor
Finding images at AP Media Archive
Finding and Processing Images for Web/ANGEL Display (pdf file)

Embedding Video in ANGEL

Screen Cast: How to Embed Video in ANGEL

The ANGEL Wiki

The wiki feature in ANGEL is an excellent tool to support project based, collaborative learning. This tool allows for student interaction and project development in the online space. The following tutorial shows how to use the ANGEL wiki feature with your students: Using the ANGEL Wiki.

Using Picasa

Picassa is a powerful and free online tool for creating web photo galleries and embeddable slideshows.
This TeacherTube tutorial provides detailed instruction on using Picasa: Using Picasa

RSS, Podcasts and Enhanced Podcasts

Adding RSS Feeds to Your Angel 7.x Course -- a tutorial by by JoAnn Gonzalez-Major.
Enhancing Audio Podcasts for Online and Mobile Learning -- a CIT (SUNY Conference of Instructional Technology) presentation by Joe Fahs of Elmira College.

TribulletOrng.pngLearning Activities

Exercise: Practice What You've Learned

Drawing on what you've learned in units one and two, write a course development proposal (unit lesson plan) that includes multimedia.

  • Post the plan in the course discussion space (ANGEL).
  • Using at least two of the methods described in the mini-lecture above, incorporate multimedia into your course development proposal/lesson plan.


Share and discuss your lesson plans (ANGEL).

Share a Resource

Share a link to a multimedia resource in our resource sharing board in ANGEL.


Reflect upon the following question in your personal blog in ANGEL:

  • How might what you've learned impact your practice of course development?

TribulletOrng.pngResources for Further Exploration

The Education Podcast Network

Teacher Tube


In this unit you've learned techniques for implementing multimedia in your courses and applied the learning from all three units to generate a course development proposal including multimedia. Good Job!


Please proceed to the main page to wrap-up this mini-course: Multimedia in Online Courses main page.
Or return to Unit 1: Multimedia Overview or Unit 2: Design Principles of Multimedia for review.