Unit 3: Lesson One



Using Screen Captures as an Instructional Tool

Watch: The Lesson Plan Tutorial created by CIT.NUS.EDU.

This Camtasia production was created in attempt to inform faculty how to add lesson plans to their eLearning server. It's a great example of a finished product. Up to this point, we have touched upon issues concerning why instructors use or should use video for instructional purposes and even how to create one using Camtasia. Now we want to discuss how we can implement these videos into our lesson plans.

In general, you should use media whenever, in your best judgment, it can facilitate learning or increase understanding of your material. Of course, communicating to facilitate learning can be a challenging process, often requiring creative efforts to achieve a variety of implicit instructional goals (University of Saskatchewan, n.d.). Hopefully we have seen that some implicit goals that video can help achieve are the following:

  • attracting attention
  • developing interest
  • adjusting the learning climate
  • promoting acceptance of an idea (Scanlan, 2003)

Read: Enhancing the Show and Tell Aspects of Class Engagement Using Camtasia...This article written by Jeff Hoyer, Ph.D. reveals how some instructors throughout the University of Tennessee are using Camtasia to enhance learning. Think of one of your favorite lesson plans you have created in the past. Ask yourself if video can be used (if it isn't already) to facilitate learning.

Lesson One Tasks

  • Apply: Design or modify an existing lesson plan incorporating the use of Camtasia.
  • Upload a copy of the lesson plan to our Camtasia Class Discussion Page for others to review.

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