Unit 3: Lesson 1- Step 2


Step 2

  • If you thoroughly know the material, it becomes important to consider how to best deliver this information to your peers.
  • In order to help your peers make sense of your topic, you’ll need to connect your information to previous learning. You should provide your peers with background information, a brief review, or introductory material to connect the topic.
  • As a group, you need to decide:
    • Is the information general to specific?
    • Can the information be taught as a beginning, middle, end?
    • Is it a part of a timeline?
    • Is it part of a pattern like compare and contrast?
    • Is it part of a patter like similarities and differences?

If none of these organizational methods are a part of your information, you’ll need to trust your own organizational ideas to make the presentation of this new learning as clear to your peers as possible.

HINT!: Use your concept mapping skills as a means of organizing your information!

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