Unit 3: Implementing Classroom Strategies for Development of Metacognition.


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Put your Knowledge into Action!!

It's time to put what you have learned into practice. In the last lesson you were asked to think about some specific metacognitive strategies that you felt would fit well within your classroom and your discipline. The goal of this course is to have you leave here feeling comfortable implementing these strategies within your normal classroom routine. To do this, you will select strategies that you feel will work best for your classroom and figure out how and when to best implement them to benefit your learners. Let's begin by reviewing some of the prevalent strategies.


In the previous Units you read articles from Vanderbilt and Brown University outlining the importance of metacognition and some general strategies to use in order to foster its growth. You will now dive deeper into specific strategies, as outlined by Vancouver Island University. The university provides ten of the most prevalent and effective strategies for promoting the development of metacognition in learners. Review these strategies and select four that you feel would work well in your classroom. If you don’t feel that you can find four from this specific resource feel free to do some independent research or construct your own rendition of a strategy that you think would work well in your classroom.


Selections and Rationale:

To help plan the implementation of the strategies you selected, you will now place them into a document that will help you visualize where and when they will be integrated into your daily classroom activities. In it you will provide rationale for selecting the strategy based on your learners, where in your lessons they fit best, and what the goal will help your learners accomplish based upon your discipline. This organizer can be accessed via the Google Doc link below. Make a Copy of this document to keep it your own!



Create one final entry on your Padlet from the previous two units titled “Entry #5”. Use this final entry as a culmination of your learning throughout the course. Reflect on your biggest takeaways from from the course:

  • What did you learn about metacognition that you didn't already know?
  • How do you feel a heightened level of metacognitive ability could benefit your students’ learning?
  • How confident do you feel about implementing metacognitive learning strategies in your own classroom?

Padlet: https://padlet.com/langworthyad/bvax4zpu6c3c73tw

Thank you!!

Thank you for taking part in this mini-course! I truly hope that it has been beneficial to your methods of teaching as you move forward. The importance of metacognition cannot be understated as it relates to students learning. It is my hope that now that you better understand metacognition you can relay its importance to your students and they too are able to see the ways in which it can benefit them not only in your classroom but in everything new they try to learn in the future!