Unit 3: Exploring the Features of Quizlet


Unit 3: Exploring the Features of Quizlet

In this final unit, we will explore all of the amazing features Quizlet has to offer. There are many different features that students can use on their computer or phone inside the classroom or outside. We will take a look at some of these features.

In this unit, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access the study options for a set.
  • Set up the three games available including Quizlet Live
  • Identify specific ways that you will utilize Quizlet in your classroom.

You should be trying out these features with one of the sets you created in a previous unit! As you try each feature quickly write down a way to use it in your teaching.

Study tools in Quizlet

In this section, you will explore what study tools are available for students to use in the classroom or on the go on their mobile phones. We will go through each feature on both desktop and mobile versions.


Below is the main mobile interface that students will see when they log in to their smartphones.


Learn Feature

This feature can be great for students to study sets because the questions will increase in difficulty as they go on. The difficulty is determined by which questions you have previously gotten incorrect. As you progress the answer will be shown and words will either enter categories of "New", "Seen", "Familiar", or "Mastered". The strength of this tool is that it will remember the progress you make and adapt the game to assist the learner. By using this tool students are seeing more of the words that they do not know automatically. This can be great practice for students who struggle with studying effectively.


Below you will see the mobile version of Learn. Students will still be answering multiple choice questions in order to match the definition to the term. They will still have a progress bar, but will not be able to review their information until the end.



This feature allows students to view flashcards on the computer or on their mobile phone. This effectively eliminates the need to carry bulky flashcards around in order to study. Students now have access to thousands of terms at the touch of their fingers.

Here you see the simple but effective interface on the computer.


The mobile version is very similar as it offers all of the same features! Simply tap the card to reveal the definition.


Write Feature

This feature may be one of the most challenging on Quizlet. Students will have to remember the term from memory and type it correctly to match the definition. You also have the option of typing the definition of a term but seems much less practical for studying.


The mobile version is very similar in its layout. Students must type the term or definition correctly. They will be corrected when it is wrong or they have the option of clicking "Don't know".


Spell Feature

This feature requires audio. This tool is designed to help students improve their spelling. It is similar to the Write feature, but students will listen to the correct answer as well. They simply have to type what they hear in order to answer correctly. This will improve the students spelling of words while familiarizing themselves with the definition. You have the option of listening to the definition but it requires the entire thing to be typed correctly. This can be a great tool for ESL students or anyone who struggles with spelling.

There is no mobile version of this feature.


Test Feature

This feature may be quite familiar to students. This is designed to be set up like a normal summative assessment. You have many customizable options while taking this test. There are four different question types: Written, Matching, Multiple choice, and True/False. You also have the option of recalling the term or the definition. This feature can be a great way to check for understanding after a lesson or prepare students by studying words. At the end of the test, students submit their answer to see how they did. You also have the option to print the test or test results out. By printing these tests students can utilize Quizlet without access to technology in the classroom.


There is a mobile version of this feature that has some of the customizable options seen below:


Match Feature

This is the first of three "game" features. This is as simple as the name suggests. You must drag or click the term and definition which is scrambled along with others. You are competing against yourself and classmates for the fastest time. If you incorrectly match a term and definition then you will take a time penalty. This game is beneficial because there are not too many terms or definitions so there is a lot of replay value.


There is a mobile version of this feature that works similarly. Instead of dragging the terms and definitions you race the clock by touching them.



This game mode forces students to think fast in order to keep on advancing to the next level. Similar to the Write feature, students will not have an answer bank of terms and must know them well. You have the option to see the definition or term and have to correctly type the opposite. For most cases typing the term would be ideal. As the game starts an asteroid is slowly descending towards your planet. You must type the term/definition in order to blow it up before it reaches your planet. If you are struck with two asteroids then the game is over. Students are rewarded with more points for how fast they answer correctly.


Quizlet Live

Quizlet live is perhaps one of greatest classroom features of Quizlet. This game requires at least four students to play and the more the better. Students will be broken into teams where they will have to collaborate in order to reach success. Each student will be given a handful of terms. On all of the team's screen, there will be a definition and only one student has the correct term. If the team gets 12 definitions in a row they win. If someone misclicks then the team returns back to zero.


This link provides an excellent overview of the game. It may sound complicated but is very easy to figure out once you try!

Video Explaining Quizlet Live

Quizlet Teacher

While Quizlet can be used successfully in a classroom without paying, they offer an upgraded teacher version for $34.99 a year. While you do not get any additional major features, you are able to customize sets and games more. Perhaps one of the most important features offered in this upgrade is that you can track individual student progress. This allows you to collect data on each student in your class. You can check the frequency they study and how successful they are. This data can prove to be an invaluable tool as an educator if you decide to make the jump to Quizlet Teacher.

Here is a list of the features you receive when you upgrade your teacher account:


Final Assessment

After experiencing the past three units, you should have a sufficient understanding of Quizlet. You have created an account, created a class, created multiple sets, and have explored the numerous features the website and mobile app has to offer. Ultimately you must choose whether you wish to incorporate this tool into your pedagogy or not. Click the link for below for your final assessment. Please feel free to return back to previous units to review any information.

Quizlet Final Assessment

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