Unit 3: Envisioning a Blended Classroom

Blended Learning in the ELA Classroom

Unit 1: Exploring Blended Learning

Unit 2: Practicing with Digital Tools for Blended Learning


Objectives: Learners will...

  • Learners will sefl-reflect by completing a Google Form Survey
  • Learners will select one digital tool presented to incorporate into their classroom
  • Learners will post their lesson on the public Padlet
  • Learners will teach their lesson and share their results

Stop! Collaborate & Listen:

Wait, where do I go from here?

You have opened yourself up to the prospect and potential of incorporating a Blended Learning model into your curriculum and content area. At this point, you have been exposed to four digital tools that promise to engage and empower your students (and that's just the beginning!).

Take a moment to reflect on what you have learned through the activities and resources in this mini-course. Complete the self-reflection below ↓ and begin envisioning what you can accomplish in your classroom using a Blended Learning model.

Thinking Point: Which digital tool(s) will you pick to work with first? Would it be better to start with one tool as you reimagine a lesson, or is it better to tackle all four at once as you revamp an entire unit? It's all about your comfort level!

Going Forward:
  • Select a lesson or unit to use as a foundation for the implementation of a station rotation model. Perhaps you already have a solid curriculum. Perhaps you are just beginning to establish your curriculum. Either way, begin with a lesson or concept that you have worked with before. Technology is used to enhance good teaching!
  • Select a digital tool to pilot with your students.
  • Acquire necessary materials for technology implementation.
  • Plan, plan, plan!
  • Execute! Observe the flow of the station rotation model. Consider where technology fits.
  • Create an opportunity for your students to provide you with feedback.
  • Collect & analyze data.
  • Reflect on your own teaching.
  • Revise and refine!

Stop! Collaborate & Listen:

Share your lesson or unit with your digital colleagues (step 4) using the link below ↓ to the course Padlet.

Thinking Point: What did you notice about the way(s) in which technology affected your classroom and instruction?

Share your experience with incorporating a Blended Learning station rotation model with your digital colleagues (step 5) using the link below ↓ to the course Padlet.

Moving On:

Revisit your Google slide that you created at the beginning of the course. The goal of this course is for the learner to develop an open-mindedness to the potential of Blended Learning and technology's place in the classroom. Edit your slide to include your "New Impression of Blended Learning." Hopefully, you're full of ideas of how you can enhance your instruction in order to empower your students through choice and personalized learning!