Unit 3: Creating your Flipped Science Classroom


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Introduction: Creating your Final Product

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At this point you have learned about the benefits of flipping the science classroom, selected an in person lesson that you would like to do with you students, and a platform in which to deliver your online instruction. In this unit you will complete your final product by creating your virtual lesson content and presenting you in-person class experiment side by side your virtual assignment.

For your final product you will need to have completed:

  • Your in-class activity, with a lesson plan and accompanying worksheets.
  • An interactive virtual lesson that includes at least one of the platforms presented in Unit 2.
  • Reflection based on lesson accomplishments.
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Review the rubric for the final project here: Creating your Flipped Classroom

Lesson Objectives

3.1 Students will view tutorials on their chosen application and begin to set up their virtual homework lesson.

3.2 The student will use their chosen google application, and create a lesson based on the information needed to complete the chosen activity in class the next day.

3.3 Students will write a self-reflection on their experience and end product in creating a flipped classroom lesson and present their in person lesson plan along side their virutal homework instruction.

3.1 Tutorials


Below you will find likes to each webpage and tutorials to create your virtual lesson. Watch the tutorials to help you set up virtual homework assignment.


Click here to navigate to the webpage: PearDeck

Watch the tutorial to get started:


Click here to navigate to the webpage:EdPuzzle

Watch the tutorial to get started:


Click here to navigate to the webpage:Nearpod

Watch the tutorial to get started:


Click here to navigate to the webpage: Padlet

Watch the Tutorial to get started:


Click here to navigate to the webpage:Flipgrid

Watch the tutorial to get started:

Creating and Presenting your Lesson


Now that you know how to use and set up your virtual lesson. Create your virtual lesson to compliment your in-class activity that you have chosen. Don't forget to take a look at the assignment directions and rubric: Creating your Flipped Classroom

Once you have completed your your virtual lesson, post your virtual lesson in the same post as your in-class lesson that you posted in Unit 2: Flipped Classroom Lesson Share

Lesson and End of Course Reflection


Now that you have compelted your first flipped classroom lesson complete this Google Form to reflect on and assess your work: End of Course Reflection

Use this reflection to help guide you on your future endeavors when creating flipped classroom lessons!

You did it!


Great job on creating your course! I hope that this course sets you in the right direction for creating future flipped classroom lessons that enhance your classroom and engage your students!

Thanks for joininng me!

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