Unit 3: Creating a Lesson Plan to Teach The Mathematician's Plan


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Unit 3: Creating a Lesson Plan to Teach The Mathematician's Plan

This unit's objective are:

  • Participants will use the lesson plan structure provided to create a lesson plan around one step of the Mathematician’s Plan.
  • Participants will analyze student work after implementing the lesson plan to determine its success in teacher the chosen step of the Mathematician’s Plan
  • Participants will use student work to make plans for the continuation of the Mathematician’s Plan in the classroom.

Lesson 1: Lesson Plan Structure

This lesson will equip participants with an understanding of the overall structure of a lesson plan that teaches students one step of the Mathematician's plan. Participants will analyze each part of the lesson and why these steps are important for implementation.

Lesson 2: Creating Your Own Lesson Plan

This lesson will allow students the time to create their own lesson plan. Participants will refresh their memory of the lesson plan structure and pick just one step of the Mathematician’s plan to focus their lesson on.

Lesson 3: Implementation and Next Steps

Participants will implement their lesson before coming to this final lesson. This lesson will guide participants to analyze student work around their chosen step from the Mathematician’s plan as well as what next steps should be taken.