Unit 3: Create your own Integrative Technology Lesson for your ELL Student


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Target objectives for Unit 2:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

  1. Teachers will utilize provided resources to modify instruction in their classroom
  2. Develop lessons to enhance student’s areas of improvement


Brianne khan academy.png

These e-lecture, lesson planning activities, and reflections span over 2 weeks

Activity #1: How to Create your Activities on Khan Academy
For this first activity, you will create a new assignment specific to your focus students’ learning goals. Think back to the Unit 2 Reflection Activity and view the following Khan Academy Article. This article will provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to create and manage assignments. Creating and Managing Assignments Article
Also take the time to align your new assignment to the rubric. Complete an informal self-assessment on your new assignment for your focus student. Did you incorporate all or most of the ideas expressed in the rubric? Self- Assessment Rubric

Activity #2: Teaching and Recording the Lesson

It is time to teach your newly created lesson to your student(s). Now that you have completed activity 1, you are ready to teach. Record yourself teaching your Khan Academy lesson. Remember you want to be able to see and hear your interactions between yourself and your focus student. You will need this video to complete activity #3.

Activity #3: Self Reflection and Evaluation
This final activity is a reflection that will serve as an analysis for understanding the student’s learning and the effectiveness of your lesson and instruction. Use the video from activity #2 as an aid to complete the following assessment. It may be helpful to print this rubric and fill it out by hand as you review the footage of your integrative technology lesson. Self Reflection and Evaluation