Unit 2: Using ReadLang to Aid Students with Comprehension and Understanding


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This unit will introduce you to a platform called ReadLang, a website and Chrome extension that can be useful for language learning anywhere. The first lesson will give you a walk through of the website and show you the main components of its organization. In the second lesson, you will learn about how ReadLang can be integrated into literacy learning inside and outside of the foreign language classroom.

Quick reminder on hyperlinks: If you prefer to multitask and have several tabs open at the same time, please be sure to right click on links (you can select "Open in a New Tab" or "Open in a New Window") so that you do not have to use the Back button between external pages and the lesson you're working on.


Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how students can use websites like ReadLang to help develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension

Questions to consider

  1. Why is an online platform like ReadLang essential to foreign language learners?
  2. How can reading articles on ReadLang help students improve their literacy skills?
  3. What are some ways that I can use ReadLang in and out of the classroom?

Before the lesson

It is not mandatory for you to make an account on ReadLang, but you find that using this website will benefit your students, you can click here to make a free account- all that is needed is an email or a Google+ account. If you click on the top right menu where it says "Pricing," select the "Sign Up" button under the Free box, and then you can create your account.

Accounts are not necessary for reading articles on their website, but you will not be able to use some of the features that will be discussed in the first lesson. Please keep the ReadLang site open in a separate tab or window, as you will be using it during this unit.

In order for you to get the most out of the first lesson, please make sure that you turn the sound on your laptop or desktop computer on. If you are interested in using all of the features mentioned in the walkthrough, you should download Google Chrome if you aren’t already using it. When you are ready, you can proceed to Lesson 2.1: Introduction to ReadLang.

After the lesson