Unit 2: Quizziz


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  • Given a video tutorial and steps on how to create and use Quizizz, educators will complete a nine question survey assessing their understanding of the online game at the end of this unit.


Quizizz is an engaging game-formatted technological resource. Teachers create a quiz based on the topic of their choosing. This resource is very similar to Kahoot! but differs in some of the smaller details. For instance, the timing options are far more specific and range from five seconds to 15 minutes. Learners may also pull questions from a variety of resources instead of just copying one pre-made resource. It is a whole-class activity, but lacks the collaborative aspect because each student may be working on different questions at different times. Overall, it is a very fun resource that may be used as a quick intro or exit to lessons, helping students review or grow more confident in their current understanding.

How to Play

1. Go to https://quizizz.com/ and create account
2. At the top of the page, click "Create a new quiz."
3. Name your quiz, add a profile picture if desired, and select which class to post it to.
4. Once at the next step, you have the option to "Create a new question" or "Find an existing question."
5. For each question, you can have up to five answer options. The timer ranges from 5 seconds to 15 minutes, which is far more intricate than the timing details with Kahoot!
6. Instead of only being able to copy and edit an entire pre-existing quiz, you have the option of hand-selecting which questions you would like to include in your quiz.
7. When done, hit "Finish quiz."
8. To play Quizizz, click "My Quizzes," select which quiz to play, and select "Live Game." On your main screen, you will see a login link and an access code. This is all of the information students need to join. (Helpful Hint: Project the link and access code on your board or write it in the front of the classroom so that students may have it throughout the class, in case someone accidentally gets logged off of their device or if a student walks in late. They may begin taking the quiz late and will not be deducted points for it.

How to Create a Game

Please click the link below to learn more about Quizizz:

Pros and Cons


  • Self-paced
  • Fun and engaging with music
  • Can pull specific questions from other teachers' pages, rather than only full quizzes
  • More specific time options
  • Full-class activity
  • Shows students summary at end to see which questions they got right/wrong
  • Allows differentiation of time (since students work at own pace)
  • Teachers may review summaries of student work to see which questions students got right or wrong.


  • Only multiple choice
  • Students may feel pressured for time
  • Students who process slower are at a disadvantage with their score
  • Does not allow for differentiation of questions


In conclusion, Quizizz is a very effective tool that may be used in math classes. It is similar to Kahoot!, but more advanced in some ways. It is more of an independent activity while also maintaining its group atmosphere. Students become excited about the questions while also gaining the productive options of reflection at the end of each game.

Exit Survey

Please complete the survey below to assess your feelings on this resource:

Now it's your turn! Using the steps above, create your own free Quizizz account and browse among the question topics already available. Create a quiz based on one of your relatable upcoming lessons, and then execute this activity in class!

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