Unit 2: Online Collaboration: Bulletin Board Tools

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This unit will focus on discovering online bulletin board tools to enhance digital collaboration in the classroom. The transition back to in-person learning after online learning should not mean we cannot continue to use digital bulletin boards. Collaboration is an important aspect of student learning and can be accomplished digitally with the right tools. In this unit, you will explore bulletin board tools available to educators and read about the need for collaboration in the classroom. At the end of lesson 2, you will create your own discussion post using a bulletin board tool! Happy learning!

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit:

  • Participants will be able to recognize the need for collaboration in the classroom.
  • Participants will be able to identify situations where educational tools support collaborative learning.
  • Participants will be able to explore the digital Bulletin Board tools.
  • Participants will create a discussion board using a tool learned in this unit.
  • Participants will be able to construct slides 2 and 3 of their Teacher Toolbox.

Let's Begin!

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Lesson 1: Online Collaboration

Pieces of a Puzzle. Retrieved from: www.sloanreview.mit.edu

What are the benefits of collaboration in the classroom?

Collaboration is a great way for students to work together and learn from one another. The increased knowledge-building that takes place when students are able to collaborate is a great addition to any classroom. Collaboration is usually seen when students are working in pairs or groups. Students may be asked to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a project. Students take on increased responsibility in which they manage their own roles to help facilitate the group's success. In addition to making sure their individual learning is taking place, they also help make sure the entire group reaches success in their learning as well. There are 5 benefits of collaborative learning, leadership and self-management skills, a wider range of knowledge and skill acquisition, improved student relationships, better concept retention, and promotes active listening and critical thinking (National Society of High School Scholars, 2020). Please read the following article as it will go more into depth with these 5 benefits.

Read: 5 benefits of Collaborative Learning Strategies & How To Get Started

Importance of Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration. Retrieved from: www.ukietech.com

The increase in educational technology tools has allowed an increased opportunity for students to become active participants in the learning process. Singh (2022) states, "Digital collaboration allows students to address their learning needs with the help of online tools." This can seem like it is not a need with in-person learning, however, it can prove to be just as important in the process of learning. Students are able to access the skills necessary for today and the future as the overall shift to technology will most likely continue to increase. This allows educators to prepare students with experiences that will help prepare them for college and career readiness. There are various ways in which digital collaboration can implement in the classroom. Some examples are group activities, peer evaluation, discussions, etc. "Collaboration is an essential factor that fosters a fruitful learning experience for students." (Singh, 2022). Please read the following article as it provides more information about the importance of digital collaboration.

Read: Importance of Digital Collaboration in Classroom


After reading the links above complete the following:

Watch: These two videos speak about collaboration from the perspective of both students and teachers.

Click this link to watch the second video Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding

Check for Understanding: Padlet

Do: Use the articles and videos above to respond to our class Padlet linked below. The assignment questions are written in the Padlet. Please also comment on two of your peer's responses!


Add Slide 2 from the Teacher Toolbox Guidelines to your Teacher Toolbox presentation.

Lesson 2: Online Bulletin Board Tools

As you may have realized, we have already used two great online bulletin board tools! To become well acquainted please take the time to explore these tools even further by watching the videos below. Also, click the link to the sites to explore the sites independently!

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a digital interactive whiteboard that allows students to learn, collaborate, and engage in active learning processes. This whiteboard is intended to be used to increase student collaboration and engagement. Educators and students are able to import images, draw, add text boxes, sticky notes, etc. Students can engage in Google Jamboard both in real-time or from anywhere. Please watch the video below to further explore Google Jamboard.


Padlet is a collaboration tool that allows learners to collaborate online by posting text, images, links, documents, videos, and voice recordings. This bulletin board tool uses the term "walls" to refer to whiteboards. Padlet supports almost all file types to make uploading quick and easy. Educators can use multimedia, including words, images, videos, and links. There is also a wide array of aesthetically pleasing designs as well as many templates to choose from.


Do: Now that you have practiced submitting a response in both Google Jam Board and Padlet and are well acquainted with both of these tools, it's time to make your own. Pose a discussion question that can be answered by your peers as I will assign one other person to answer it. You have the choice of either creating a Padlet or Google Jam Board. Remember to revisit the links and tutorials for more help or simply reach out to me if you need further instruction! Submit your link in the Google Forms below!

Creation of Online Bulletin Board Link

Add Slide 3 from the Teacher Toolbox Guidelines to your Teacher Toolbox presentation. (Here are a list of other digital interactive whiteboards if you are interested in including different tools in your Teacher Toolbox 14 Best Jamboard Alternatives & Competitors (Digital Whiteboards) 2022


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