Unit 2: Lesson Two


Editing and Adding Transitions


Watch: Edit in Camtasia Studio. This will give you a nice introduction to some of the editing features instilled throughout Camtasia.

If you are in this unit, that means you have recently made a successful screen recording. Now, we are going to take that recording and show you how to add a little flare and clean it up as needed by showing you how to edit, add transitions, and even adding callouts. Editing in Camtasia is fairly straightforward, although if you haven’t done any video editing before if may take a little patience to get use to. As we are in the process creating videos are to be used for instructional purposes, it becomes vital that your intent is clearly thought out as you enter the editing stages of your project.

The TechSmith Corporation has clearly defined some important principles we need to keep in mind as we start editing our projects:

  • Know your audience. Will they be familiar with the terminology and concepts presented in the video? Do you need to make a separate introductory video?
  • Are you motivating, teaching, or selling? Do one of these in your video and don’t attempt to do a combination of two or three at one time. Create appropriate content to fit your selected category.
  • Watch other videos to learn what makes them engaging, interesting, or bad.
  • Write a script - don’t wing it. A good script contains the narrative and a description of what is happening on the screen during the narrative. Following a script helps eliminate unwanted um’s and ah’s in the audio.
  • Create a storyboard of your video. A storyboard is a way to sketch your video. You should show where transitions, callouts, zooms, and other effects will go.
  • Decide and plan what you will record ahead of time. What applications will you use? Do you need forms or fields filled out? Do you use graphics that should be created ahead of time?
  • It will take you longer than you think. So, don’t wait until the last minute to start your video project.

Lesson Two Tasks

  1. Apply: Apply what you learned from the tutorial, and cut your timeline from your previously recorded video in at least two places. Refer back to the video as needed.
  2. Watch: Transitions in Camtasia Studio. This tutorial will show you how to effectively add transitions to your video.
  3. Apply: Apply what you learned from the tutorial, and add at least two transitions to your video. Use this paper-based tutorial as a guided reference.
  4. Watch: Callouts in Camtasia Studio.This tutorial will show you what exactly callouts are and how to effective add them to your video.
  5. Apply: Apply what you learned from the tutorial and add at least two callouts within your video. Use this paper-based tutorial as a guided reference.

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Want to take it a step further?

Browse additional tutorials by TechSmith Inc.: http://www.techsmith.com/learn/camtasia/editing/default.asp (not required)