Unit 2: Incorporating Student Agency and Decision-Making in Reading


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Unit 2 Introduction

This unit will focus on the importance of choice in reading to help engage students into becoming lifelong readers. During the following lessons, think about your teaching practices and how you can incorporate choice into your reading lessons. By the end of this course, you will be creating or revising a lesson plan.

Each lesson will be formatted as follows:
  • Lesson Kickoff
  • Connection
  • Teaching Point
  • Teaching
  • Active Engagement
  • Share

Unit Lessons

Lesson 1: Using Choice Create Lifelong Readers
  • Providing Choices in Reading Curriculum
  • Strategies for Helping Students Find "Just Right Books"
Lesson 2: Incorporating Book Clubs into Reading Curriculum
  • Guidelines for a Productive Book Club
  • Types of Book Clubs
  • Assessments