Unit 2: How to use Khan Academy and Video- streaming websites


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Target objectives for Unit 2:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

  1. Execute scaffolding and supports through technology for students both in and outside of the physical classroom
  2. Acquire skills to navigate websites
  3. Teachers will evaluate different online websites to incorporate English vocabulary building into lessons for ELL students.


These e-lecture, discussion, and reflection activities will continue over the next 3-4 weeks

Activity #1: Setting Up Khan Academy/ How to Create Class
The first step to take for this unit is to create a Khan Academy Account using the link below. While creating the account please use your work email and follow the prompts according to the class you are focusing (you can always make changes later). After your account is created and you have followed the tour, you can create your own class. A great feature is that you can merge the Khan Academy class with a current google classroom if you already have one set up.
https://www.khanacademy.org/ Khan Academy Kids is also a good resource for preschool students. This type of technology is more useful for classrooms with tablets to use in small groups or during independent work time to improve specific skills or provide students with more practice for specific skills. Teachers may use Khan Academy Kids as a resource for ESL students to become more familiar with letter recognition and number recognition in early childhood settings. Please review the following video to aid in setting up the Khan Academy Kids app on your classroom tablets or computer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADYFoIXJBP4

Once the Class is created (or students accounts created on the app), it is now time to pick a premade lesson or activity in the area you are searching to enhance for your focus student. Please complete this google form that will act as a journal entry to evaluate how the technology can support your student.

Please use the following article as a resource to create your own Khan Academy account and class. This is a visual step by step guide. Article- A Teacher Quick Start Checklist

Activity #2: Using the Technology in the classroom

For this activity you will select a lesson on khan academy, it may be changed or modified later to coincide with what you are doing in the class, to teach to your students. It is imperative that you do not modify the lesson or course you choose on the Khan Academy Website, as you will evaluate the positive and negative effects on instruction and learning afterward. You may also want to browse content on Khan Academy Kids if tablets are available for your classroom. These activities can be used together in class or utilized for independent practice.
Once you have completed this in your class, please use the following rubric to complete self-assessment on how the lesson integrated into your classroom teaching. You can record your thoughts in this Journal
Self-assessment Rubric

Activity #3: Modify instruction to Scaffold the Learner
Now that you have taught the Khan Academy lesson in your classroom, and assessed the lesson and your instruction, make modifications to the lesson that you discussed in the previous activity. After you have created and implemented these changes to the lesson, you will reteach the lesson to your student(s).
Review the following article to understand how to customize and edit assignments for your student(s). This will help you to incorporate the modifications for the second teaching of your lesson.
Creating Assignments for our Students After making the modifications and reteaching the lesson, engage in an additional self-assessment
You will be using the same self-assessment rubric from Activity 2.

Activity #4: Interpreting the Data
Now that you have taught the lesson multiple times, it is time to analyze student understanding and learning. Khan Academy provides data that is useful for teachers to analyze where to make changes to instruction or curriculum. Read the following article to understand the type of data Khan Academy collects and think about the ways to use this information to drive your teaching.
Article- How to View and Use Assignment Reports

Reflection Activity

Think back on the past activities in this unit and respond to the following google form
Unit 2 Reflection