Unit 2: Box and Whisker and outliers



Box and Whisker plots are yet another way of representing data sets.

You will use data that you collected previously to calculate a five number summary, outliers, and the associated boxplot.

  • If you chose Basesball use Team Salary
  • If you chose Movies use Domestic Gross

When making your graphs, all numbers in these columns should be in terms of millions (ex. 53,876,345 would simply be 54)

1. On a piece of graph paper draw and appropriately label the Box and Whisker Plot, with calculations included.

You may refer to the following links for reference during this step

5 Number Summary

Box and Whisker


2. Now that we have a Box and Whisker plot to refer to it is time to come up with some questions. As a teacher I have found that I learned about topics the most when I had to teach them. You will now get a taste of this experience.

I want you to write a small quiz of five questions regarding your box and whisker plot as if you were going to assign it to the class. Consider the following when writing your questions

  • There should be a mix of open ended and closed ended
  • Mix them up. I don't want five questions about quartiles
  • Use this as an opportunity to show off your knowledge
  • You must also provide an answer key

Once you have completeted the above work, click the link below and go on to Unit 3

Design Project: Using Real World Data to Teach Statistics and Probability