Unit 2: Book Creator App Introduction

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Unit Overview

In this second unit you will look through a slide show about the Book Creator App. If you have the app in front of you on your iPad feel free to play around or follow along as you move through this unit. You will take a short quiz on the app afterwards to assess whether you understand the basic mechanics of the Book Creator App.

Unit Rationale

This unit was designed to introduce participants to the Book Creator App. It's important for educators to know how to use technology efficiently before introducing it to students (Larson, 2013). By learning to use technology, even an iPad app, efficiently, then it can help make future instruction seamless when using it with students or troubleshooting potential problems that might arise.

Unit Materials

File:Book PP grad school unit 2.pdf

  • Post your post-test score and a topic idea of what you will create a book on (for unit 3) in the discussion tab of this unit.

Mini-course Units

Emily Johns' Mini-Course


Image sources: http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator/