Unit 1 Lesson 2

Digital Storytelling & 21st Century Learning

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With Digital Storytelling, students are working on a project where they are essentially presenting themselves, or the version of themselves they want to show the world - that is inherently motivating. 21st Century skills employed in Digital Storytelling include:

•Information Technology

•Visual Literacy

•Being Creative

•Taking risks

•Communicating effectively with the latest technology

"Digital Storytelling provides a meaningful environment to interact with technology and develop these skills." (Jakes & Brennan, 2005.)

Research shows that Digital Storytelling:

•Promotes the development of empowering critical literacies for ELLs (Hagood and Skinner, 2008)

•Incorporates multimodalities that expand possibilities for expression and exposition (Siegel, 2006)

•Provides an outlet; students have a need to tell their stories (Ganley, 2012)

Task 2: Go to our class Padlet wall to learn more about each of these research items. Then you will write a short synthesis defining Digital Storytelling, its academic benefits and applying it to your own classroom. Click here '

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