Unit 1: xxx

Madison Miller's Mini-Course

Lesson 1 - Getting Started

Introduction: The purpose of this course is to enhance your teaching by giving you access to a new technological tool in your teaching toolbelt. Quizlet can be a powerful tool that brings mobility and accessibility to your student's busy lives. First off we need to reflect on our current teaching.

Thinking about what you currently do

Please take time to brainstorm answers to the following questions.

1. List the current ways you have students study for summative assessments such as quizzes, tests, or essays.

2. How could accessibility and mobility be helpful to your student's success?

Creating an account

Welcome to the tutorial on how to make an account! This tutorial will be displayed with screenshots to walk you through the entire process!

First things first, let us follow this link to https://quizlet.com/

You should be brought to the main page. Feel free to scroll throughout the webpage. When you are ready click the sign up button in the top right corner:


Here you will need to insert information such as your date of birth as well as email. Feel free to sign up using your Google account or Facebook!


If you clicked that you are a teacher you will be brought to a page where they will offer you to upgrade to Quizlet Teacher. We will discuss the features you gain with this upgrade in a different unit. For now please click on the link to "continue to free Quizlet".


Navigating the Website

Now that we have created an account and are on the home page, you are tasked with navigating to the following features on the website. If you get lost click on the Quizlet icon at the top left page to return to your main page! Goodluck!

  • Go to the page that will allow you to create a study set.
  • Create a folder and label it Test.
  • Click on settings and change your profile picture.
  • Go to search and find a study set about "music theory".
  • Click on "Browse Diagrams" and explore something that interests you!

Once you have successfully done the following then you can move on to the next unit where we explore how to create our own content!