Unit 1: Why Integrate Curriculum


Target objectives for Unit 1:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Understand what integrated curriculum is; and

2. Understand the value and importance of an integrated curriculum.

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These e-lecture and reflection activities will take place over the next two weeks. You should begin these assignments now and post by June 1, 2019.

Activity #1: Complete the research review by reading and taking notes on the research articles provided. Please read with a critical lense and with your classroom in mind. After reading, please reflect by consider these questions: What makes integrated curriculum more meaningful? What makes isolated curriculums more surface level? What opportunities open up when curriculum is integrated? Please post your answers to these questions on the course page (join by going to Google Classroom and using class code: x0mvf2). Research Review

Activity #2: Common complaints or arguments against integrated curriculum and what research has to say Please watch this video and then post three interesting facts you learned and two or three questions you still have to the course page. Please comment on two posts from your peers on the course page and cite the research or video that allowed you to answer their question and feel free to integrate classroom experience if you have any relevant examples. (join by going to Google Classroom and using class code: x0mvf2).

Activity #3: Submit the Google forum stating your 3 reasons why integrated curriculum leads to higher-level learning. Please provide a quotation or example from the readings or your class to support each reason. I will summarize the responses and post to the course page. Response Forum

Reflection Activity:

1. Considering the two activities that took place during this unit, identify ways in which your thoughts about integrated curriculum may have changed and some hesitations or questions you still have. In your own class, how would you introduce integrated curriculum to your students? How can you see your role as the teacher changing? Post your reflection journal to the course page (join by going to Google Classroom and using class code: x0mvf2).

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Unit 1: Why Integrate Curriculum

Unit 2: Choosing Curriculum to Integrate

Unit 3: Align All Curriculum

Unit 4: Create Assessments