Unit 1: What is Metacognition?


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What is Metacognition?

What is your familiarity with the term Metacognition? What does it mean to you, or what do you think that it means? Without any research share what you think metacognition means on the Padlet linked below. Label your post with “Entry #1”


Watch and Read

Review the following resources that breakdown metacognition and its function with students:

Watch: This video outlining what metacognition is and some of its key attributes in the learning process.


Read: Article from Vanderbilt University

  • Please read the linked article from Vanderbilt University and while reading compare and contrast the similarities and differences you notice between this article and the video you just watched.



After watching and reading about Metacognition how has what you thought you knew about it changed?

  • Do you feel you were correct or incorrect in your assessment of its meaning?
  • The video talked about the three steps to achieve effective metacognition (Plan, Monitor, and Evaluate), do you feel you do this in your own life when attempting to learn something new? Maybe you do all three, maybe you only do one or two of the steps.

Answer some of these questions and reflect upon your routine engagement with or lack of engagement with metacognition on the same Padlet we used at the beginning of the Unit. This will act as living documentation of the evolution of your understanding throughout the two remaining Units! Label this post “Entry #2”. The Padlet is linked again below for your convenience.


Moving on to Unit 2!

Unit 2: Assessing and Supporting the Development of Students' Metacognition.