Unit 1: What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

ETAP 623 Fall 2019 (Zhang) | College Biology Curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Welcome to College Biology Curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards

This course is designed to not only familiarize you with the new approach the NGSS provide for K-12 education but also to help you better understand the learning environment that your first year students have previously experienced. By knowing more about who our students are and where they are coming from we will be able to better guide them through the transition into their college curriculum.

This first unit will serve as your orientation to the Next Generation Science Standards; what they are and how they came to be. Following units will guide you through the organization of the standards as you explore each component of the NGSS. As you become more familiar with the NGSS you will begin aligning topics you are familiar with and currently teach with each NGSS component. Upon completion of this course you will have designed an entire college level learning activity rooted in the three dimensional philosophy of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Review of Video Content


The following videos will introduce you to the basic philosophy behind the Next Generation Science Standards and three dimensional learning. Our first video introduces the NGSS at a basic level while the second video introduces Melina Lozano’s experience with the NGSS in her elementary classroom. You can follow more of Melina’s experience on the National Science Teaching Association’s YouTube channel accessible through links in the video description.

The final two videos introduce Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science and his video series on the NGSS. Paul addresses each aspect of the three dimensions of learning: Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices. We will refer back to Paul’s video series as our course continues and we explore the NGSS in greater detail.

Why the Next Generation Science Standards?

Introduction to Three Dimensional Learning

The Next Generation Science Standards with Paul Anderson

What are the Next Generation Science Standards and why are they important?

Scavenger Hunt!


This is a Google Form Quiz with seven short answer questions. It is a scavenger hunt to help you become more comfortable and familiar with navigating the NGSS website. Take this opportunity to explore the NGSS site and complete the quiz. Answers indicating click pathways and drop-down menus need not be given in complete sentences; bullet points are acceptable as long as your answers are easily interpretable.

Unit 1 Quiz

Journal Entry

GDL journal.jpg

Journal entries will be your opportunity to synthesize each unit's content. In your first journal entry for this introductory unit please answer the following questions: Why were the Next Generation Science Standards developed and who was involved in the collaborative effort?

Unit 1 Journal Entry

Unit 2: What are the components of a standard?