Unit 1: The Learning Community and Online Discourse


Pin.gifTarget objectives for Unit 1:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Understand the learning community and its relationship to discourse in the online environment.

2. Understand the instructor's role in facilitating effective online discourse.


These discussion activities will take place over the next two weeks. You should begin these assignments now and post by June 1, 2008. Online courses at our campus are delivered via the Angel Learning System, as such, some of our activities will take place there, outside of this wiki. You should have already received your login information. If not, please contact the helpdesk immediately at 1-800-helpdesk.

Discussion Activity #1: Access your Angel Learning Systems course page and complete the Icebreaker Activity located in the Angel Discussion Forum. Remember to follow proper Netiquette for discussion posts and responses. Now, go to the Discussion area in Angel.

Look for this image: Facilitateimage.jpg

Discussion Activity #2: Share your thoughts on one of the articles from the Bibliography and post in the Angel Discussion Forum, Activity 2. Consider the following questions: What are the main principles the author is suggesting? How will this apply to your online course?

Look for this image: Discussion2.jpg

Arr.GIF Unit 1 E-Lecture: Understanding the Learning Community and Online Discourse


Pin.gifReflection Activity:

1. Considering the two discussion activities that took place during this unit, identify ways in which our learning community is developing. In your own course, how would you begin building your learning community? How can you see your role as instructor changing? Post your reflection journal to the Angel course page.

Let's move on to Unit 2: Constructing Online Discussion Activities.

Arr.GIF Join the Discussion Forum for workshop participants: User talk:Anne Canale Stalnecker

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Arr.GIF Unit 1: The Learning Community and Online Discussions

Arr.GIF Unit 2: Constructing Online Discussion Activities

Arr.GIF Unit 3: Assessment and Evaluation

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