Unit 1: Pre-test/Fiction/Non-Fiction overview


Unit Overview In this unit you will take a pre-test on fictional and non-fictional writing. Then you will review a slide show about these types of writing which will help to introduce you to the topic of fictional and non-fictional writing or activate your prior knowledge. Afterwards you will take the pre-test again and see if you score the same, better, or worse.

Unit Rationale This unit was designed to introduce participants to fictional and non-fictional writing. These are the most common genre's that you will work with in a school curriculum. Before you begin teaching students to write a fictional or non-fictional piece using technology you must first have a grasp on the main ideas of the original topic before beginning (Larson, 2013). Then as you instruct students you will be able to introduce the technology component.

Unit Materials

File:Unit 1 mini course.pdf

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  • Post your pre-score and post-score in the discussion forum on this page once you are finished.


Mini-course Units

Emily Johns' Mini-Course

Image sources: http://www.motwlibrary.org/non-fiction.html http://rbsalisbury.com/category/my-crazy-life/