Unit 1: Literacy Overview

Unit One Overview

In this unit you will test your prior knowledge of literacy. You will then discover what scientific literacy is and why it is important to integrate science and literacy. You will use a series of videos and articles to help you answer each question.

Task 1:What does literacy mean to you?

  • In your Design Journal, start your K-W-L chart by filling in what you may already know about literacy as well as what you know about literacy in science. Consider the following questions:

-Do you have any prior literacy knowledge?

-What do you think literacy is?

-Is literacy taught in science?

-How does literacy fit in with science?

  • Fill in what you intend to learn from the course in the "Want to Know" section of your KWL chart.

Task 2: What is literacy?


In order to understand how to integrate literacy in the science curriculum, you need to understand what literacy is and know that it is NOT just reading.

  • Watch the following video:

What is Literacy?

  • In your design journal, be sure to take notes and fill in you KWL chart.

Task 3: What is scientific literacy?

  • Watch the following video to answer the question. Be sure to take notes in your design journal.

Scientific Literacy

  • Read the articles provided to give you more insight on what scientific literacy is and why it is so different from literacy in other disciplines.

How is Disciplinary Literacy Addressed in the Science Classroom

Integration of Science and Literacy

Task 4: Why should literacy be taught in science?

  • Use the following articles to help answer the question: What are the benefits of literacy in science curriculum?

Importance of Literacy

Science for the 21st Century

Integration of Science and Literacy

  • After you have completed your research, click on the link below to bring you to the GoogleForm where you will list 3 reasons why we should be teaching literacy skills to our students as science teachers.

GoogleForm: Benefits of Literacy


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