Unit 1: Literacy Methods in the Foreign Language Classroom


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Hello everyone! Before we jump into learning about effective literacy methods for the foreign language classroom and the advantages of using technology to facilitate these methods, I wanted to first give an orientation to all participants in the structure of this unit and the following units:

1. Objectives- The performance objectives describe what participants will be able to do upon completion of the unit

2. Questions to consider- Guiding questions that focus on topics that will be addressed in the unit to contemplate while reviewing the information.

3. Before the lesson- Any complementary information will be placed here. I recommend reading through all information included here before beginning the unit.

NOTE ON HYPERLINKS: Wikis are designed to open any link in the same window. If you are someone who prefers to multitask, I recommend RIGHT CLICKING on the links and selecting "Open Link in New Tab" to view the link in a separate location. This way, you will not have to constantly press the back button to go in between links and the unit/lessons.


Participants will be able to:

  • Apply literacy methods to the foreign language classroom
  • Modify instruction to incorporate literacy in the foreign language classroom

Questions to consider

  1. How can literacy be incorporated into a foreign language classroom?
  2. How do literacy methods fulfill foreign language standards?
  3. What can technology do to enhance literacy instruction in a foreign language classroom?

Before the lesson

For a quick refresher or introduction to ACTFL, the 5Cs, and foreign language literacy, please watch this presentation to familiarize yourself with material that will be referenced in the unit:

ACTFL, the 5Cs, and Literacy

Once you finish watching the presentation, you can proceed to Lesson 1.1: Refresher on Effective Literacy Methods

After the lesson

To demonstrate your understanding of the topics presented in this unit, please complete this form Your task is to:

  • choose two of the literacy methods introduced in Lesson 1.1
  • explain how you would incorporate technology into both of those methods to maximize class time
  • elaborate on how you address all students' literacy needs with your current technology