Unit 1: Lesson Two


Keeping Organized

As a planner your number one function is to be organized..

One of the best tools for making sure your on schedule is to use a proven checklist:

  • A checklist will take you through the initial meeting with the client to the final billing of the event.
  • Discuss the purpose of the meeting
  • Review who will be the attendees of the meeting.
  • Review the budget that you will need to work with in
  • Stimulate the development of critical thinking skills
  • Determine the timing of all meetings and food and beverage
  • Speakers/presenters (identifying, confirming, logistics & management)
  • Provide visual representation to further understanding the clients needs all the way to the completion of the event
  • Take a moment to review the attached sample checklist to get an idea of the many detail you will need to control


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