Unit 1: Kahoot!


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  • Given a video tutorial and steps on how to create and use Kahoot!, educators will complete a six question survey assessing their understanding of the online game at the end of this unit.


Kahoot! is an online game that students play in real time in the classroom. Students are given multiple choice questions and receive points for the correctness of their answer and for the speed at which they chose that answer. Teachers may create their quiz from scratch or may use the search tool to find previous quizzes created by other users. They may then duplicate the quiz so that they may use it with their own class. Kahoot! uses recognizable, fun music that changes tune as the quiz moves along and excites students. The objective of the game is to finish with the most points.

How to Play

1. Teachers go to kahoot.com and sign into their account.They find the game they wanted to play and hit the 'play' button. They then click 'classic' mode and wait for students to join, as the entrance code is projected to the class.
2. Students use their personal devices (cell phone, iPad, Chromebook, etc) to log in to kahoot.it. They enter the number they see on the board to enter the game and input a nickname.
(Helpful Hint: Teachers may delete students from the game on their own screen if the student has inputted an inappropriate nickname. The student then has to re-enter using a different name. If teachers want to download results after, they should have students use their actual names as their nicknames so they are able to tell who is who)
3. Teacher hits 'start' and the game begins. Questions appear on main board, with multiple choice answers each in a different color and shaped box. Students must view board question and answer choices, then click their response using their own device, which only shows the colored shapes.
4. Once all students complete question or time runs up, a bar graph appears with student responses. Students remain anonymous on the bar graph but the top 5 names and scores appear after each question. (Helpful Hint: If students are taking too long to reply and you want to move the game along quicker, hit the 'skip' button on the teacher device)
5. Once game is over, top 3 names and scores appear on teacher screen. Teacher may download the results to look at later and learn about each students' strengths/weaknesses.

How to Create a Game

Please click the following link to view a tutorial on how to create a Kahoot! game:

Pros and Cons


  • Teacher can find and use resources created by other teachers
  • Game is fun and engaging to students
  • Teacher sees visual bar graph of student answers to gauge class strength and weaknesses
  • Teacher may download results at end of quiz to look more closely at student errors


  • Timer does not exceed two minutes
  • Does not allow for student differentiation


Exit Survey

Thank you for taking part in this unit! To assess your findings, please complete the survey below. Since we used Kahoot! in this unit, it only seems appropriate to complete the assessment using this tool in order to gain practice. Click the link below, then click the 'Play' button. You will have to click the 'Classic' game, and then enter the game using your phone.


Extended Resources