Unit 1: Histograms and Stem and Leaf diagrams



The proper collection of data is the first part of any statistical analysis. Now we will put that data to use.

1. Using a piece of graph paper, create a Frequency Histogram and a Stem and Leaf Diagram based on the data. Make sure they are properly labeled.

  • If you chose Baseball as your topic use the Median Salary column for your graphs
  • If you chose Movies as your topic use the Domestic Gross column for your graphs

When making your graphs, all numbers in these columns should be in terms of millions (ex. 53,876,345 would simply be 54)

If you are having trouble remembering how to make either you may get some refresher information by clicking the following links.


Stem and Leaf

For the following, write answers on a separate sheet of lined paper to be collected upon complettion of the project. One word answers are not appropriate!

2. Briefy compare and contrast Histograms and Stem and Leaf diagrams. How are they Similar? How are they different?

3. What situations would I want to use one of these (Histogram or Stem and Leaf) over some of the other graphs we have studied(Box and Whisker, Scatterplot)

4. Give some situations where one might be better or worse than the other.

Once you have created the two graphs and answered the questions above go back to the main page by clicking the link below and proceed as directed.

Design Project: Using Real World Data to Teach Statistics and Probability