Unit 1: Defining News Literacy


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REMEMBER! Digital Journal

You will need your Digital Journal throughout this course. If you haven't done so already, go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/105e0G10fSgBYNwYkvZW017eSyLdHaoCX7sY4LJLDjQk/edit?usp=sharing and access the document, and save it as an editable document on your device.

Lesson 1: What is News Literacy?

CHECK-IN: Self-Reflection

In your digital journal, reflect on the following questions:

  • Do you have any experience with news literacy or media literacy?
  • What do you think it should entail?

STUDY: Learn Terminology

Familiarize yourself with some news literacy terminology that can be used in the classroom with students using the flashcards provided here (NOTE: To use these flashcards, view the slide deck in presentation mode).

WATCH: News Literacy Introduction

Watch the following two videos to get an overview of what news literacy is.

SELF-CHECK: Test Your Skills

Test your own skills with this quiz here . Then try out the other quizzes offered here.

ASSESSMENT: Reflection

In your digital journal, answer the following prompt:

The News Literacy Project defines News Literacy as: “News literacy is the ability to determine the credibility of news and other information and to recognize the standards of fact-based journalism to know what to trust, share and act on.”

Would you change anything about this definition? What would it be? Or why wouldn’t you change anything?

Lesson 2: Why is News Literacy Important to Teach?

CHECK-IN: Reflection

In your digital journal, reflect on the following question:

  • What makes something important to teach?

READ: Article

Read this NPR article which cites some statistics and discusses students’ struggle with spotting inaccurate and misleading news articles and sources.

WATCH: Students Reflect

Watch this video and hear from students about their experience with “fake news” and their opinions of news literacy education.

ASSESSMENT: Reflection

In your digital journal, reflect on this question:

  • Why is news literacy important to teach?

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Unit 2: Identifying News Literacy Skills