Unit 1: Components of Research


Why Is Research Important?


Conducting research is an integral part of many activities in academics, but the research skills learned can also be helpful for certain jobs, or even to teach yourself about a new topic. There are various reasons to conduct research and understanding the steps will make the process much easier, especially if you are not that technologically savvy. There appears to be gaps in knowledge concerning effective research skills with students entering college. According to Cunningham, A. (2013), students in college are not prepared with the research skills to know how to search and make connections. Additionally many students struggle with reading scholarly articles because the format is unfamiliar. Research plays an important role in many areas including education and business, or it can be completed by anyone with a thirst for knowledge about a specific topic or area of interest. Research has a general formula that can be adapted to the subject in which research is taking place, and these same skills are used across all content areas and age levels. There will be a different levels of research and teacher guidance depending on the needs of students, but the ability to find, analyze and make connections between sources is an essential skill for success in school and life after school.


  • First, think about and write down why you might need to use research in your own life. Write down a couple examples of where research can be used in your life.

Which of these reasons for research applies to student learning?


Exit Ticket - Keep track of each unit and the answers to your questions in a journal so you can revisit them later.

1. Are there components of research that you focus on more as a college student?

2. Which components of research might K-12 students struggle with?

3. List and describe in your own words the components of research.


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