Unit 1: Choosing, Dissecting and Assessing Vocabulary for your Pre-K Unit

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Learning Objectives

Pin.gif At the end of unit one, participants will understand how to assess students before providing them with vocabulary instruction. Unit options will be reviewed and the participant will become familiar with the vocabulary words that are present within their chosen unit.


“If building a vocabulary is a prerequisite for learning to read, it is useful to ask where children’s vocabularies come from and how best to foster this vocabulary growth” (Mayer, 2007).

The Division of Early Childhood Education has developed a series of interdisciplinary Units of Study for Pre-K for All. This research based resource was created in collaboration with researchers and supports student learning in all domains using developmentally appropriate practice.

Bwestreadit.png Read The Magic of Words for background information on vocabulary learning and teaching within the classroom.

Bwestevaluate.png Record key ideas here. This will be the document used throughout the course to help organize your work and record your findings.

Learning Activities

Teachers are given specific unit topics and standards to teach their students in Pre-K. Within these units are an extensive amount of vocabulary words that must be introduced and explained to the students. This course will help participants organize vocabulary instruction within their own classroom by planning and executing effective strategies and resources.

Step 1: Choose your Unit

Click below on the following units that are organized by theme. These are themes used within New York State Pre-K curriculum and are relatable to various units within other states. Explore the many themes and decide which one you would like to use within your classroom and throughout this course.

Welcome to Pre-K

My Five Senses

All About Us

Where We Live







Step 2: Record Vocabulary Words

Make a list of the vocabulary words that will be used and assessed within your unit of choice. Add this information in your document.

Step 3: Set up Assessment Sheet

Bwestplaymovie.png Watch this video regarding the importance of pre-assessments.

Now that you have gained an idea of the importance of pre-assessments, you will set up your pre-assessment page using excel or another chart of your choosing. See page 2 on your document page for an example of how to set this up.

After setting up your page, assess your students and record their responses and Post Progress Here. Once this step is complete, move on to Unit 2.


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