Unit 1-For Students: Final Assessment


Unit 1 Final Assessment

Once you’ve created your concept map, practice your independent skills, by collecting information about explain at least 3 student benefits of participating in a student-centered learning environment. You will need to follow all of the steps that we’ve learned thus far.

1.) Consider what resource(s) you may need to explore and what order you’ll want to tackle them in. Make sure they are reliable!!

2.) Set a purpose for your reading (use the final assessment task!)

3.) Find the main ideas and supporting details that will correlate with your purpose

4.) Cluster your findings and create a concept map to visually display your findings.

  • Once you’ve established your examples, post them in the discussion section using complete sentences. Talk: Researched Examples
  • Final Reflection: Compose a reflection considering your learning in this unit. What are your strengths and weaknesses when considering these skills? How will this learning help you both in and out of school? Post them in this discussion Talk: Unit Reflections
  • Summarize your knowledge on the Essential Understanding Guide- Document #3

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